Screen-Shot-2013-12-02-at-4.58.45-PM-640x351While there are some Apple executives, such as Phil Schiller, who are pretty active on social media such as Twitter, Apple as a company isn’t. Facebook and Twitter posts are rarely seen from the Cupertino company, which is why it is a little odd that Apple would acquire a company that specializes in Twitter analytics. According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple has recently bought Topsy, a San Francisco-based company that managed to net about $200 million in the deal with Apple.

Like we said given Apple’s absence from social media, it is unclear as to what they might do with Topsy. However there are some who speculate that perhaps it could be used in conjunction with iTunes Radio. For example Topsy could scan for songs or artists that are trending on Twitter at the moment and use it to alert iTunes Radio users about said artist, allowing users to tune in to see what the fuss is about, and maybe even buy their songs/albums from iTunes if it works out for them. It has also been suggested that Topsy’s expertise in social marketing could be used to help Apple beef up its iAds and perhaps sell even more to customers.

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