mac-pro-officialThe Mac Pro is Apple’s latest workstation computer and while expensive, it is Apple’s latest product and naturally Apple would want to do all they can to sing its praises. In an Environmental Report that was recently released by the Cupertino company, they have highlighted not only how much more efficient the new Mac Pros are, but also how much less materials was consumed during its manufacturing process, which we’re sure will sit well with businesses and individuals who might favor a company or make a purchase decision based on such environmentally-friendly factors.

According to Apple, they found that the new Mac Pros used 68% less power in idle mode compared to previous generation Mac Pros, such as the model that was released back in 2010. Apple touts their use of power-efficient components and intelligent software as one of the reasons why the new Mac Pros have managed to achieve new levels of power-efficiency. As far as materials used are concerned, Apple claims that the new Mac Pros use 74% less aluminum than the previous generation, and that its packaging has also become more efficient.

Due to the new Mac Pro’s smaller stature, naturally a smaller box is used. If you have seen the Mac Pro’s unboxing, then you know what we are talking about. With the smaller packaging, Apple claims that it uses 82% less volume than previous packaging, which also allows up to three times more units to fit in a single airline shipping container, which ultimately reduces the number of flights needed. We’re not sure if the more environmentally-friendly Mac Pro will do much to attract new customers, but it’s still nice to see that Apple is trying.

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