With Apple’s latest Mac Pro coming in with a price tag of at least $2,999, and we’re hearing that a fully specced Mac Pro could cost $14,000, safe to say that this is a computer not everyone will want to, or be able to, get their hands on. That being said, ever wonder what it might be like to open up the box of a computer you might not be getting anytime soon? Well thanks to the folks at FCP.co, they have posted a video on YouTube in which they unbox the brand new Mac Pro in front of our eyes.

As expected with Apple packaging, there is nothing in there which is unnecessary, save for a moulded piece of foam which is there to help protect the Mac Pro from small bumps and knocks along the way. We have to admit that while the price tag is a bit hard to swallow, the design of the Mac Pro is beautiful, albeit somewhat controversial. It is not targeted at the casual user but the working professional who might require said specs for music, audio, video, or graphical processing. Pre-orders of the computer have gone live and Apple expects to begin shipping Mac Pro units by the 30th of December. If you have a few minutes to spare, perhaps this is an unboxing video you’ll want to watch.

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