_72470529_72470116The other day we reported that Sony would be making their tennis sensor a reality. For those who are hearing about this for the first time, the Sony tennis sensor was a prototype device shown off during CES 2014 where a sensor is embedded into the base of the tennis racket. From there it will be able to gather data such as ball speed, accuracy, angle, and so on. Well it looks like Sony might have competition because a new sensor has already hit the market in the form of the Babolat Play Pure Drive.


This sensor is also embedded into the base of racket’s handle and will be able to pick up a variety of data and will pair with devices either via Bluetooth or connects through a computer through USB. The company calls their racket the first connected racket in the world. According to Gael Moureaux, “We integrated sensors inside the handle of the racquet, but it does not change the specification. And these sensors will analyse your tennis game, so your swing – your motion – and all this information will be collected by the racquet.”

It sounds like a great idea for tennis players hoping to up their game, but of course not everyone feels that way. There are trainers who feel that technology does not make a great player, but rather their ability, although we have to say that technology might allow newer players to hit a certain level faster. At the moment the company is hoping that their racket will be approved by the International Tennis Federation, at which hopefully in the future they will see their rackets used in games by some of sport’s big names.

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