Earlier this month, Sony unveiled the tennis sensor at CES 2014. At the time of unveiling, Sony stated that the device was merely a prototype as opposed to an actual product that consumers could go out and purchase for themselves. Well the good news is that it looks like the response must have been good enough where Sony has decided to actually turn the tennis sensor into reality. Dubbed the Smart Tennis Sensor, unfortunately it seems that the device will only be available in Japan and will see a release this May and will be priced at around $175.


For those hearing about this for the first time, the sensor is basically a little gadget that is attachable to the base of a tennis racket. By attaching it to be the base, the sensor will be able to pick up a variety of information from the player, such as the speed at which the ball is hit, how hard it is being hit, and where on the racket it is being hit, all of which should help the player learn from their mistakes. According to Sony who announced the sensor’s availability in Japan, the sensor will be compatible with around six Yonex EZone and VCore tennis rackets, but additional racket compatibility will be added after launch.

Pretty cool stuff and with the Australia Open currently underway, we’re sure there are many players, both pro and aspiring, who might be feeling particularly motivated to up their game!

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