youtopiaWe have all used YouTube on the web, there its easy to just keep watching a particular video while you browse related videos until you land on a clip that you want to watch next. Users can’t do that through the official YouTube app for iOS, they have to either watch the video first and then browse, or stop it midway to find another clip. Not the kind of smooth user experience that users would prefer, luckily, there’s a new app on the market that lets users do just that.Youtopia for iPhone offers a full-screen video mode and an overlaid interface, which can be used to browse for clip in featured, channels and search feeds. Related videos are then displayed in a scrolling thumbnail list, without having to stop the clip that’s already playing.

If users sign into their YouTube accounts, thumbnails from subscription channels or the favorites list will automatically be shown as well. Users can also take advantage of Youtopia’s data plan saving mode which lowers the video’s resolution when the device isn’t connected to a Wi-Fi network. Youtopia is a good alternative to the official YouTube for iOS app, it even costs the same: $0. Android users don’t have to look towards third-party solutions, the official YouTube app for iOS already offers the ability to browse and watch videos simultaneously.

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