hyperjuice-macWhen it comes to geeks and their computers as well as mobile devices and personal electronics, I guess there is just one way of putting it – you can never have enough power ports or battery life! Having said that, working with a notebook is cool, especially when you are not limited to the confines of an office. The thing is, notebooks do run on battery power, and battery power will run out eventually. What happens when you are in a situation that requires you to use your MacBook, but there is no power outlet in sight, and it is fast running out of juice? This is where the HyperJuice Battery comes in handy.

The HyperJuice Battery proves that there is no such thing as having too much battery life, with the biggest model from them being a 61,000mAh, 222Wh battery that is able to extend the run time of a MacBook by up to 53 hours. That is totally amazing – we are talking about working on your MacBook for two full days straight without stopping, and yet have some more juice left underneath the hood, now how about that? At that capacity, it also means it can juice up an iPhone 40 times, or provide you with another 136 hours of additional battery life on your iPad mini. Right now, we do know that it works only with MacBooks, as well as other devices that are juiced up via USB.

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