iphone-5s-review-013Apple and Samsung have a bitter rivalry, one which we can only hope they will work out in the near future, but either way given that both Apple and Samsung have created some of the most popular phones for the iOS and Android platform respectively, the rivalry is only to be expected. However it seems that while iOS might not have the largest market share at the moment, that honor goes to Android, in terms of individual products, Apple’s iPhone ownership in the US has actually grown to 42%, outpacing the likes of Samsung and other manufacturers in the process.

According to the report from the NPD Group, they have estimated that Apple’s iPhone ownership rose from 35% back in 2012 to 42% in Q4 2013, which might have been attributed to the introduction of two new iPhones – the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s, as well as officially arriving on T-Mobile’s network. However in terms of growth, it seems that Samsung and LG did grow compared to back in 2012, but other companies such as Motorola, HTC, and BlackBerry actually lost some market share in Q4 2013. The gap between Samsung and Apple is pretty big at the moment but will Samsung ever be able to catchup, or will the iPhone forever lead it in terms of appeal? What say you?

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