samsung-apple211Apple and Samsung to get together and to hash out their differences once and for all, now where have we heard that story before? In the past both companies have reportedly gotten together to hash out their legal issues and come to some kind of settlement, but given that we’re still hearing about both companies duking it out in the court rooms, safe to say that the previous talks did not work out. Well that doesn’t mean that they should stop trying, because according to reports, it seems that Tim Cook is expected to meet up with Samsung’s CEO on the 19th of February to discuss settlement opportunities. Will this talk finally yield peace with both sides being happy with what they’ve got? It’s hard to say, but good on them for trying at least.

Unlike Apple’s late co-founder and CEO, Steve Jobs, Tim Cook has no taste for legal battles as he has mentioned in the past. In a statement Cook made back in 2012 during a conference call, he said, “I’ve always hated litigation and I continue to hate it,” suggesting that if anyone could bring an end to this, it would be him, but fast forward 2 years and both companies are still at it. However even if he hates it, we guess he sees its as necessary and has stated that he is open to settlement agreements as long as one of those agreements is that Samsung should stop copying Apple and focus on inventing their own stuff. For those wondering if this could be the end of the Apple vs. Samsung patent war, we guess you will have to check back with us during February for the details.

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