image_thumb46As much as we would love to see smartphone features available for all devices out there, sometimes it is just not possible due to hardware limitations. After all it wouldn’t make sense for a phone that is five years old to offer the same features as a phone that was just launched, right? Well as it turns out the issue with RAM has managed to plague Windows Phone devices once again, and according to reports, it seems that if you wanted to check out the Nokia Beamer feature, you would have to make sure that your device has at least 1GB of RAM or more. This also means that handsets like the Nokia Lumia 520, 521, 620, 625, and 720 will be out of the running when it comes to the Nokia Beamer feature.

For those who are wondering what the Nokia Beamer feature is about, it’s basically where Nokia Lumia users are able to share their screens, letting others see what they are doing on the Lumia device. Given that it does require a lot of processing, such as constantly running in the background, compressing, and transmitting screenshots, it seems that attempting to use it with devices that have less than 1GB of RAM would be pushing it. Perhaps it might be possible do with it with 512MB of RAM, but the experience might not be consistent or ideal enough for Nokia to risk that. Then again devices like the Lumia 520 were designed for the budget conscious shopper where price, not necessarily features, is the priority.

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