nokia-lumia-1520-review-17Folders aren’t a new feature, at least not as far as operating systems are concerned. Heck, they’ve been around for practically ages! In fact smartphones have also introduced folders for a while, save for Windows Phone which oddly enough did not come with that feature. Well the good news for Windows Phone owners is that if you were looking forward to finally being able to better organize your apps through the use of folders, you might be pleased to know that the upcoming Nokia Lumia Black update will be introducing that feature to your mobile devices! Of course this being a Nokia update and all means that non-Nokia Lumia owners will be out of luck, at least for now (although Samsung did introduce folders through an app, so there’s that).

It is unclear how exactly folders will work on Nokia’s Windows Phone devices, but more details are expected to be shared later, with the feature being confirmed for now. The update will also introduce other features such as Nokia Glance Screen 2.0, Bluetooth LE, Nokia Refocus, Beamer, Storyteller, and Nokia Camera. The update is currently being rolled out in China and other countries around the world. You might have received a notification telling you to update, but if you haven’t, don’t worry because it’s probably being rolled out in stages and your turn will eventually come.

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