polk-headshotPolk, a high-performance audio brand that has four decades of sound, engineering and design expertise, has just announced its 4 Shot Headset for Xbox One that will be made available on retail store shelves this March 6th. This happens to be the very first Xbox One compatible headset that will arrive in stores, where the 4 Shot was developed alongside Microsoft Studios at 343 Industries and Turn 10 Studios, where it has been specially optimized in order to deliver immersive, game-changing audio to the Xbox One experience.

The 4 Shot for Xbox One will bring listeners to the next level with real, balanced audio representative of the virtual world. It boasts of proprietary Polk Optimized Electro-acoustic Tuning (POET), where the headset envelopes users in immersive and realistic audio for a truly game-changing experience. Apart from enjoying exhilarating audio, the 4 Shot will also be able to connect to the wireless Xbox One controller, which provides them with the freedom to move around. Apart from that, there is also a retractable near-field microphone that has been thrown into the mix, so that users are able to carry out conversations with other games or trash talk with your opponents. A spring steel headband with stitched leatherette padding, pivoting ear cups and plush over-ear pads ensures you get to enjoy hours of gaming in relative comfort.

There is also dynamic, loss-less wireless technology that results in fewer latency issues, allowing you to make that crucial split-second gaming decisions required. The asking price? $159.95 a pop. [Product Page]

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