samsung-logoOne way of improving an app is by writing a review for it which provides feedback to the developer on what sort of changes should and could be made. However it seems that Samsung could be looking to make that a more automated process, thanks to a report from The Information who claims that Samsung is developing a service called “Context” in which it would allow third-party services to offer targeted features to a user based on what he/she likes. In a way this is kind of like how Facebook and Google offer users targeted ads, but instead of ads, what Samsung hopes to achieve with Context is to offer up improved app experiences.

Based on the information being collected, such as what you type, what apps you use, what kind of data is collected by your phone’s sensors, it will then allow developers to use that information to tailor apps to your liking. For example if you frequently search for vegetarian recipes, a cook book app might open up with vegetarian recipes listed by default since it knows that is your preference, or a restaurant-locator might list vegetarian restaurants first, and so on. In a way it is kind of creepy and sort of like an invasion of our privacy, and thankfully the service has reportedly been delayed as Samsung is debating as to whether such a service would actually help them sell more phones, but what do you guys think? Is this a service you would like to have on your phone?

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