BlackBerry-LogoRemember yesterday we reported that thanks to the T-Mobile BlackBerry trade-in promotion that the carrier experienced an increase in BlackBerry trade-ins during the two weeks that the promotion ran for?


At that time we weren’t sure if the increase in trade-ins meant that customers were trading in their BlackBerry phones for newer BlackBerry phones, but as it turns out, that was not the case.

According to a report from TMoNews, they are reporting that their sources have informed them that the number of trade-ins were actually for devices running other operating systems. In fact they claimed that 94% of people trading in their older BlackBerry phones were changing to another platform. What this means is that 6% of those trade-ins were really for BlackBerry phones.

The promotion was initially thought to be T-Mobile’s way of apologizing to BlackBerry for that marketing snafu. The promotion basically gave customers $200 in credit towards a new phone if they were to bring in an old BlackBerry device, and for those who traded-in a BlackBerry for a new BlackBerry, they would be given an extra $50 in credit.

Well it turns out that T-Mobile walked away the winner in this case and that’s something we’re sure BlackBerry’s CEO can’t be too happy about. In a way it is ironic given that the deal made the most sense for BlackBerry customers to begin with.

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