T-Mobile-trollingWe had heard reports of how T-Mobile would stop selling BlackBerry devices in-store as apparently they aren’t selling too hot at the moment. Instead T-Mobile would sell BlackBerry phones directly to customers, meaning that you’d have to ask for it if you wanted a BlackBerry device, which definitely cannot be good for exposure as far as BlackBerry is concerned. However it looks like T-Mobile is now taking it one step further by emailing current BlackBerry users and asking them to upgrade, not to a BlackBerry handset, but to an iPhone 5s instead, as pictured in the email above.

Now we’re sure most BlackBerry customers who open the email will most likely think that T-Mobile is advertising an upgrade to a newer BlackBerry handset, like the Q10 or maybe even the BlackBerryZ30, so we can only imagine it would be borderline insulting and a little upsetting to find that your carrier basically thinks nothing of your phone, but would rather push another platform and brand onto you instead. We reckon it would be the equivalent of Apple identifying Android users and sending them emails asking them to upgrade to iPhones, which would undoubtedly cause an uproar. In any case it looks like with each passing day, T-Mobile is starting to care less about the BlackBerry brand. Would it be completely out of the question to think that maybe T-Mobile might even drop support completely one day?

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