cisco-skypeThe world of technology has made life a whole lot easier to go through these days, and in the medical sector, it has also helped humanity extend one’s lifespan. Apart from that, technology has also made the whole world a lot smaller – a global village, if you will. In fact, a British hospital located in Staffordshire looks set to break record books by being the first in Europe where doctors are able to consult with their patients over the popular Microsoft-owned VoIP software, Skype.

This particular move would see the issue of long waiting times shortened, since overworked doctors are now able to consult with their patients via Skype remotely, without wasting both patient’s and doctor’s time. According to managers over at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire, Skype’s online video calling service has the potential to reduce outpatient appointments by up to 35%. Apparently, the use of Skype is said to free up consultants’ time and car parking spaces, and bodes well for the patients too since some of them are unable to take time off work. All that is required at this point in time would be approval from the relevant authorities in order to give Skype consultation the go ahead.

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