emberFlash units on our smartphones aren’t usually the best solution when it comes to lighting up subjects in low-lighting conditions, but sometimes that’s all we have to work with. Why is this? For the most part flash units on smartphones results in photos that are very harshly lit, which for the most part is very unflattering.

So wouldn’t it be a good idea if we had a better form of flash for our phones? We’ve come across several solutions in the past, so here’s another to add to the list in the form of Ember. As you can see in the image above, Ember on the surface looks like your typical iPhone case, albeit a rather bulky one, but positioned on its back is an array of 56 LEDs that will help illuminate your subject.

According to its creators, the design of Ember was inspired by professional fill lights used by photographers and videographers. They claim that the LEDs on Ember are 10x brighter than that of the iPhone’s flash and will come with a built-in diffuser that will help spread the light evenly, which will result in a “flattering glow”.

Ember will be powered by its own battery pack, so iPhone users don’t have to worry about it draining their phone’s battery. There will be controls to manage its brightness, and there will also be an optional color pack that will give smartphones more control over the color temperature.

It’s a pretty cool idea and iPhone users who take their photography seriously might want to check it out. At the moment Ember is a Kickstarter project so if you’d like to learn more or to pledge a donation, hit up its Kickstarter page for the details.

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