Embroidered LED Lights In Akris RTW Fall 2014 Collection

Wearable technology has its fair number of champions at this point in time, where among them include Google Glass as well as Samsung’s recently announced range of Gear devices. Having said that, smart fashion might be something that is worth looking into, and Swiss fashion house Akris, which is helmed by designer Albert Kriemler, decided to play with wearable technology, although it will not be high tech devices that adorn a dress, but rather, the humble LED light. Akris’ Fall 2014 collection boasts of an illuminated coat, pants and three dresses, where the entire collection has been inspired by German artist Thomas Ruff’s work “Stars,” “Nights” and “ma.r.s.”

Needless to say, to have these embroidered LEDs on the haute couture pieces definitely go down well nicely with the space motif. The e-broidery (which is a play on the words “electronic embroidery”) happens to be a collaboration between Forster Rohner and Akris. As it is, washing your fashionable dresses is a delicate affair due to the dry cleaning process, but when you throw electronics into the mix, things get all the more complicated. I wonder just where batteries will be stashed in such e-broidery down the road, and will we see the implementation of solar powered LEDs on dresses?

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