Group-Gear-2-NeoAt MWC 2014, Samsung not only announced a new wearable device, but three wearable devices to be exact. They come in the form of the Gear 2, the Gear 2 Neo, and the Gear Fit. All three devices were intriguing, although safe to say that the Gear Fit was the one that probably garnered the most attention.

In any case while the devices were announced, pricing remained a mystery as Samsung did not reveal the prices of any of their recently announced wearables. Now if there was one thing that held the Galaxy Gear back was its asking price, which admittedly was a little steep given its features. Now thanks to a post by SamMobile on Twitter, pricing of all three devices have been revealed.

Now we’re not sure how accurate SamMobile’s prices are, but in the past they have leaked material with regards to Samsung that has proven to be accurate, so there is a chance that their prices are correct as well.

So how much will Samsung’s new gadgets cost you? Well for starters, the Gear 2 will retail for €299, while the Gear 2 Neo will go for €199. The Gear Fit will be priced similarly to the Gear 2 Neo at €199 as well. We’re not sure if the prices will be same for the US, but presumably it will somewhere around that range as well.

In any case what do you guys think? Do you reckon that at €299 the Gear 2 is still a little too pricey? Also, what do you guys make of the Gear Fit? At €199 will it be able to compete against other fitness bands like the Nike FuelBand SE or Jawbone’s UP?

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