A lady based in San Francisco had allegedly filmed her assault using a pair of Google Glass that she wore, capturing the attack in its entire process. Sarah Slocum, who happens to be a tech writer from California, did lay claim that she was harassed by patrons who were not too happy with her wearing that particular pair of Google Glass. As she was busy demonstrating her Google Glass to a friend, Slocum did claim that she was abused by another two women before another person actually snatched her Google Glass and ran off. After giving him a pursuit, both her purse and phone were nicked. Talk about having a bad day!

According to witnesses over at the bar, the patrons at the bar were not too happy that Google Glass was used in the vicinity. I guess that there are still some places out there which require more privacy than normal, so it would be prudent to stash away that pair of Google Glass that you’re wearing.

Slocum mentioned, “You know, the crowd at Molotov’s is not a tech-oriented crowd for the most part. It’s probably one of the more punk rock bars in the city. So you know, it’s not really Google Glass country. I didn’t start recording anyone until I was called names and given the bird and started feeling angry and threatened, and even at that point I even told them I was filming them.”

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