Later this month Microsoft is going to release a major update for Xbox One that will hopefully fix a number of issues that have been irking users and will also add some new functionality. Last month the company started sending out invitations to a select few who would be given the chance to test out this out before it is publicly released. One tester has spilled the beans on what exactly the Xbox One March update is going to bring, and its quite a long list to be honest.

Some general changes include the ability the disable Kinect hand gestures when a video is being watched, support for optical audio as well as the ability to choose the value by which volume increases or decreases when given the corresponding voice command. The update will also bring the much awaited Twitch video game broadcasting app, users will be able to start a streaming session just by saying “Xbox, Broadcast.”

Party Chat will be turned on by default after the Xbox One March update hits users, they will have the option to invite a party to game, send someone a Game invite or Party invite and even the opportunity to see which games or apps a party members are playing even if they’re not playing the same game with the user. Apart from additional fixes and improvements, this month’s Xbox One upgrade will also bring a firmware patch so that the Headset Adapter can work copacetically with the controller. The full list of changes has been posted on this forum.

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