HTC One M8 Hacked To Allow Dot View Case To Display Additional Notifications

M8_dotview-hack-631x420The HTC One M8 has a pretty interesting accessory in the form of the Dot View cover. What it does is that instead of just covering the phone entirely or opting for a small window like Samsung’s S View cover, it instead features rows and columns of tiny dots in which information can be seen in an 8-bit-like design.

It’s pretty novel and useful if you want to check simple notifications, the time, the weather, and so on. However what if the phone could be hacked in order to allow the case to display even more notifications? Wouldn’t that be pretty cool?

Well hacker Shen Ye has managed to do that and has recently posted a photo of his HTC One M8 with the Dot View case in which the phone is not only able to display the time, but also shows off notifications from Twitter. If you ever wonder what the Twitter mascot would look like in 8-bit, wonder no more.

Unfortunately Shen Ye did not provide more details about the hack, such as whether it will require root access or a hacked APK file, although he did state that since the Sense UI already has access to social networking APIs, it wasn’t that hard to get the Dot View case to show those notifications.

We reckon it’s pretty novel but if you like what you see, hopefully Shen Ye will release a tutorial or how-to on how to achieve that effect with your own HTC One M8.

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