ballmer-iphoneSteve Ballmer, who used to be the CEO of Microsoft and has since retired from the position, should be free from the shackles of the type of smartphones and tablets that he uses, which means he can now cross over to Apple’s pasture if he so desires. Hey, it is a free country, is it not? While he owns around 4% of Microsoft, shouldn’t he continue to stick with what he knows best, and that would include riding with a Windows Phone handset? It does seem that he has picked up an iPhone along the way, at least according to a new Twitter account, @MicrosoftSteve, that has sent out some tweets using the Twitter for iPhone app. In one of those tweets, there was a selfie, with Mr. Ballmer in it, of course.


While it has yet to be verified that this is yet another of Mr. Ballmer’s Twitter account, if it were to be proven so, then it would surely mean he really has taken the leap over to the iPhone from Apple. That would certainly be ironic, since when the original iPhone launched in 2007, Mr. Ballmer was more inclined to support Microsoft’s mobile strategy while promoting the good side of the Motorola Q.

Ah well, perhaps he has made his peace with the iPhone, and is now enjoying his time as a retiree, surfing the Internet on Cupertino’s mobile device.

Update: Several reports have flown around on Twitter that @MicrosoftSteve does not belong to Ballmer at all, but happens to hail from the efforts of serial scammer Arturas Rosenbacher.

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