Last year Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that he would be giving up the top job at Redmond within 12 months. So far his successor has not been appointed, though there has been endless speculation about who is going to fill Ballmer’s shoes. It certainly won’t be an easy task, Microsoft has only ever had two CEOs in its entire history, Gates and Ballmer. Both of them have a seat on the board, which was reportedly irking many candidates who were in the running for the CEO slot. Perhaps the board might have convinced Ballmer to let go, as re/code reports, he might resign once a new CEO is appointed, thus ending his direct involvement with the company and its board of directors.

Even if Ballmer gives up its seat, its highly unlikely that Gates is going to do the same. Only recently it was reported that the co-founder’s busy schedule is delaying a possible announcement, he is also said to be maintaining an active presence at the company’s headquarters. Without having any actual power at the company, Ballmer would still hold around four percent of the company’s entire stock, similar to Gates’ own holding in the software giant. A lot of names have floated around in the past few months of potential new Microsoft CEOs, Ford CEO Alan Mulally has formally declared that he won’t be leaving the car maker for Redmond, still in the running are ex-Skype president Tony Bates, Microsoft’s cloud and enterprise chief Satya Nadella, ex-Nokia CEO Stephen Elop and even Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg.

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