bamboo-wood-moto-xOn the surface, Motorola’s Moto X handset looks quite normal, but thanks to Moto Maker, it allows users to customize their handset to their liking, at least visually. One of the more unique aspects of its design is that Motorola has offered wooden backplates which is a nice change of pace from the usual plastic, metal, or glass materials that we’ve gotten used to so far.

However according to a recent tweet by the ever-reliable @evleaks, it seems that Motorola could be shifting their focus away from wood to leather in 2014. The Moto X offered up a variety of different wooden backplates made from different types of woods, so it will be interesting to see what kind of leather finishes Motorola could offer this time around.

In fact earlier @evleaks also revealed that there is a new Moto X successor in the works called the Moto X + 1 (we know it sounds a little weird, but at least it stands out, right?), so we wouldn’t be completely surprised if the Moto X’s successor were to use the rumored leather finish as one of its options.

Leather finishes have been used on smartphones before, although they tend to be found on luxury handsets, so it will be nice to see it used on a “regular” device, but what do you guys think? Would a leather finish be something you’d be interested in, or did you prefer a wooden backplate instead?

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