nokia-tablet-canceledNokia has finally transferred its Devices and Services division to Microsoft to bring to a full circle the company’s agreement with the software giant, but here is something that many of us have most probably missed at the beginning of this century. Apparently, Nokia did roll out a 10” touchscreen tablet PC in 2001, which was a good number of years before the iPad made its debut.

Digitoday shared the image above, calling the tablet the Nokia M510. The Nokia M510 would run on Epoc, which so happens to be an early version of Nokia’s Symbian operating system, where it sported an email and calendar client, not to mention having a variant of the Opera web browser running on it. Other hardware specifications include 32MB RAM and 32MB of internal memory, and while there was the presence of a 800 x 600 monochrome touchscreen display, there were still buttons thrown into the mix for it to control some features on the M510.

I’m glad that the wonders of technology has made it possible for us to enjoy the likes of the iPad Air in this day and age, considering how the Nokia M510 was rather hefty at 4.14 pounds, with a paltry battery life of just 4 hours. Word has it that Nokia produced a thousand of these puppies before it was put out of its misery. While majority of the M510 tablets were destroyed, it is estimated that around 130 of them are still in existence today. Nokia has certainly come full circle with their Lumia 2520, eh?

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