nokia-tabletIt is no secret that Apple didn’t invent the tablet, although it’s safe to say that Apple probably revolutionized the way we use tablets and made the device an extremely popular one. Now Nokia has a tablet of their own dubbed the Lumia 2520 but it’s hardly the Finnish company’s first and only tablet effort.

According to an interview that Finland’s ISTV conducted with Esko Yliruusi, a Nokia tablet prototype from back the day was revealed (pictured above). For those wondering who Yliruusi is, he’s a data communications specialist that worked at Nokia from 1996 until 2001 and who helped to develop the tablet you can see in the photo above.

Safe to say Nokia’s take on the tablet back in the day is very different from tablets we see today. For starters it appears to sport a variety of buttons in a layout that we can’t help but be reminded of the Nokia N-Gage device. The tablet also packs a kickstand much like the Microsoft Surface tablet and is a lot thicker compared to the devices we are used to today.

It has also been revealed that the display on the tablet only displayed monochrome colors, which is very different from today where users are spoilt for choice when it comes to display options from their tablets. We have no idea what would have been the results and response Nokia would have received had the device been released, but what do you guys think? Could such a device have revolutionized the industry, or were tablets still a little ahead of their time back in 2001?

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