body-dryerWhenever you get out of the shower or the pool, you’d have to dry yourself off and the primary method of doing that would be to use a towel, unless you’re really lazy and just let yourself dry off naturally. Now drying yourself off is not a big deal and it doesn’t take up too much time, but apparently someone has come up with a way to make the drying process even faster.

Meet the Body Dryer. At the moment the Body Dryer is an Indiegogo project that is seeking funding in order to turn it into a reality and it is a little over the 50% mark. With 28 days left to go, there is a good chance that the device could be funded for real!

As you can see in the image above, the Body Dryer looks like a weighing scale you might find at home, but in reality it is a dryer that will be able to blow air upwards with the goal of drying off your body. As its name implies, it is a body dryer so for those who washed their hair, it looks like you’ll have to do that manually.

According to its creator, Tyler Overk, the idea for the Body Dryer came about when it was discovered that towels can potentially be filled with bacteria and could be harmful to our health, which is why by drying our bodies with the Body Dryer, it could help lessen our contact with harmful bacteria.

The Body Dryer sounds like a pretty clever albeit novel idea, but if you wouldn’t mind learning more about it or maybe pledging a donation (a pledge of $150 will nab you the Body Dryer upon its successful funding and production), hit up the Indiegogo page for all the details. So, any takers?

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