tfs4There are numerous battery cases for the iPhone available in the market right now from brands like Mophie and Belkin, just to name a few. There are also battery packs but those are a less elegant solution. However if there’s one problem that most of these battery cases have is that in order to get it to charge your phone, you’d have to manually activate it.

This isn’t an issue but if you’re the type that does not pay attention or are too busy, your phone could die on you before you get to charge it, meaning that you’d have to wait for the phone to charge up sufficiently before you are able to turn it back on. This is one of the problems that The Feeling Skin iPhone battery case is hoping to solve, amongst other things.

tfs2The device is essentially a battery case but it is a “smart” case in the sense that it will be able to detect when your phone is running low on juice and is able to recharge it automatically. It will also be able to tell you precisely how much battery life is left in the case, as opposed to other manufacturers who typically provides LED lights to indicate how much battery is left. It’s a system that works but we guess it can always be improved.

The Feeling Skin is also different from other cases because it not only allows you to charge the case, but sync it to iTunes at the same time. Some manufacturers do not allow that meaning that you’d have to remove the phone from the case in order to sync it with iTunes, which once again is not a huge issue, but it’s an area that The Feeling Skin has seemingly improved upon.

tfs3However the folks behind The Feeling Skin, Twelve Monkeys Company, want the device to be more than your average smartphone battery case. They are also developing their own social network app in which users can share their emotions with one another, and by pressing the back of the case, you will be able to ask your friends how they are feeling today.

tfs1It’s a pretty interesting concept and definitely adds value to the overall proceedings, although if there’s one aspect in which we can’t say we’re too fond of, is its battery which is only 1,450mAh that will only give your iPhone an 80% charge at most. In any case if you’d like to learn more or pledge to its Kickstarter campaign, head on over to its website for the details!

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