php5apw6lThe Lamborghini brand is one that oozes luxury and performance, which is why we can’t say we’re too surprised that the son of the Lamborghini owner, Tonino Lamborghini has recently announced a pair of in-ear headphones whose design not only is reminiscent of the Lamborghini cars (both are owned by different companies), but apparently will deliver a powerful listening experience as well.

Tonino Lamborghini has recently announced a trio of headphones, starting with the high-end Quantum HL-01 headphones. According to its description, the headphones will feature a luxurious and modern design and will also come with a secure fit, which means that it could be used during fitness or sports-related activities without it falling out of your ears. It also comes with a clip that will clip to your shirt and also comes with a bunch of silicone and foam ear tips.

Next up is the mid-ranged Quantum ML-01. This particular model will come with a Thin Film Acoustic Technology that has been patented for detailed sound and tight bass, so if those are attributes you want in a pair of headphones, then maybe the ML-01 is a pair of headphones to keep an eye out for. Last but not least is the Quantum EL-01. These are the lower-end headphone offerings by Tonino Lamborghini. They will sport the same Thin Film Acoustic Technology as the ML-01 and will also pack 10mm drivers.

In terms of pricing, these headphones are thankfully not as expensive as the Lamborghini cars. The HL-01 will be the highest priced at £124 followed by the ML-01 at £82, and the EL-01 at £58. These in-ear headphones are expected to be released in June. If you’d like to learn more about the headphones and check out more photos, be sure to head on over to their website for the details.

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