samsung-apple211Earlier this month, a verdict was reached in the Apple vs Samsung trial in which Samsung was ordered to pay Apple over $100 million in damages for infringing upon their patents. Apple was also found guilty of infringement, although their damages was significantly lower than Samsung’s.

That being said, it seems that Apple is looking to use this opportunity to attempt to file for an injunction against Samsung’s past and future devices from ever being sold in the US. This is according to a recent filing where Apple is seeking for a permanent injunction. According to the filing, it includes “software or code capable of implementing any Infringing Feature, and/or any feature not more than colorably different therefrom.”

Based on the wording of that, it has been presumed that Apple is hoping to ban past and future Samsung products from being sold. It should be noted that despite both Apple and Samsung having filed for injunction against each other’s products, the success rate has not really been that great. This is partly thanks to the judges and appeals courts who have been somewhat reluctant to provide either side a definitive win over the other.

Perhaps the motion to file for a permanent injunction is Apple’s way of showing Samsung that they have no plans on backing down, which definitely does not sound like either side is willing to give up this lawsuit once and for all. Apple has since made peace with other Android OEMs, like Motorola recently, and a couple of years ago when they signed a cross-licensing deal with HTC.

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