samsung-apple211In the recent Apple versus Samsung trial, it looks like the jury has come to a decision and have found that Samsung had willfully infringed upon two of Apple’s patents. Apple had originally attempted to sue Samsung for four patents, but only two were found by the jury to have been infringed upon.

The patents in question are related to data syncing and slide-to-unlock. The patents that weren’t infringed upon includes universal search and background syncing. The jury also found that because of these infringements that Samsung should have to pay Apple $119.6 million in damages, which is significantly less than the $2 billion that Apple had originally asked for.

As for Apple, the jury had found that they infringed upon one of Samsung’s patents related to recording and reproducing digital image and speech and was asked to pay Samsung in damages worth $158,400. This is once again a fraction of what Samsung wanted from Apple at the start, which was $6.2 million in damages.

Considering that during the trial it was discovered that Google was helping Samsung with legal fees and potential damages, it seems that the $119.6 million could be borne by Google, or at least some part of it. We doubt that this is the last we’ll hear from either company regarding their patent war, but for now it seems that Apple is coming up on top.

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