pirates-tabsUbisoft’s Assassins Creed: Pirates has something special about it – by the very fact that it was conjured specially for play on the likes of smartphones as well as tablets. Not only that, Ubisoft also did let gamers know that the chances of seeing a PC or console version of Assassins Creed: Pirates would be extremely slim, perhaps England has better odds at winning the World Cup this year. Having said that, those who still hold out hope of playing Assassins Creed: Pirates on the PC will be pleased to hear that this is possible after all, although it is achieved via a free browser-based version.

Gameplay is achieved using either touch input or a mouse and keyboard, and considering the fact that Ubisoft worked on the web version of this game with Microsoft, it will also play nice with just about every other major browser out there in the market, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer. Not only that, it will also be able to run full screen, something that majority of the other Web-based games are unable to do.

The Web version is different from the original form of Assassins Creed: Pirates, as this one takes on a racing game theme as you challenge your mates to see who is able to steer the ship the fastest. Apart from that, it works only on desktop browsers, so forget about using it on a mobile version of your favorite browser. [Press Release]

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