office365_9Whenever you purchase something online, there might be a warning telling you to click the button only once. This is because clicking it twice could cause you to be double billed for the same item. Unfortunately it seems that there are some Office 365 customers who have been accidentally double billed for their purchase, but there is no fault on their part, but rather a glitch that has caused them to be billed twice.

Some users have reported that they have received notices from Microsoft, informing them that their Office 365 subscription would be renewed, but at double the price. This was made in error and Microsoft has since acknowledged that. Microsoft has since issued a statement over the matter, and also stated that there will not be any action needed from their customers as they will be automatically refunded for their purchases.

According to the statement released by a Microsoft spokesperson to ZDNet, “A glitch on 5/21 caused some Office 365 customers to be double billed while purchasing select products. The issue has been mitigated for the majority of our affected customers and we are diligently working to fix any remaining incidents.”

Microsoft also adds, “No action from our customers is needed to resolve this issue, they will be automatically refunded. We sincerely apologize to our customers for any inconvenience, and are doing everything in our power to take the necessary corrective action.” If you’re one of the unfortunate ones to be double billed, you can rest easy as you will be refunded. Any of our readers experience this glitch themselves?

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