microsoft__logoAs we had reported yesterday, Vietnam appears to be one of the few countries that Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is doing pretty well. Well it turns out that Windows Phone is favored in Europe too, such as in Belgium where the latest numbers have suggested that Microsoft has a 12% market share in the smartphone platform market.

This is according to Ervan Pouliquen, the head of marketing and operations at Microsoft Belgium, who shared these details to Le Soir’s tech blog. In fact at 12%, it seems that Microsoft isn’t too far behind Apple’s iOS market share, which in Belgium is sitting at 19%. Apparently the reason behind Windows Phone’s popularity is due to the popularity of Nokia’s products as well as a good brand image for Microsoft.

Now we can’t be sure as to when Microsoft will eventually overtake iOS in Belgium, but at 7% behind, it’s not such a big  gap that they can’t close with a few good products and marketing. Microsoft has recently completed their purchase of Nokia, plus with Windows Phone 8.1 on its way, it will be interesting to see what kind of devices Microsoft will be able to put out there.

At the same time, analysts expect that with the larger iPhone 6, it could help reignite iPhone sales, so that’s something worth taking into consideration as well. Either way we guess we’ll just have to wait for the next round of numbers to see who is doing better, in the meantime kudos to Microsoft.

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