microsoft__logoBack in the good old days of feature phones, Nokia was the king. They produced handset, one after the other and took big chances on bold designs and ideas that might not necessarily have paid off. They have also created some very classic smartphones which are still being talked about more than a decade later (Nokia 3310, anyone?).

Well it looks like the Nokia we’ve all come to love has officially been sold to Microsoft. The Finnish company announced via its website that the sale to Microsoft has been officially completed. Nokia has also announced that the sale which was valued at EUR 5.44 billion at the time of announcement will be changed and they are expecting a higher amount, although they did not state how much.

Nokia also stated on its website that their factories in both Chennai and South Korea are expected to remain under Nokia. This was mentioned earlier when Nokia had run into issues with the Indian government regarding taxes owed and decided that the best way to proceed is to remove the factory from the deal, thus allowing the deal to proceed and Nokia will be able to sort it out later.

As for the factory in Masan, South Korea, Nokia will be shutting the doors although they did not mention when it will be closed, but did state that they are taking steps towards closing it down. They did not mention what will happen to the 200 people that are currently employed at the factory. This is truly an end of an era and we guess we will now have to look forward to Microsoft Mobile, the brand that Microsoft will be using in place on Nokia in the future.

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