slingshotLast week we reported that Facebook had prematurely launched its Slightshot app. For those wondering what the Slingshot app is, well it’s basically Facebook’s answer to Snapchat. The app will allow users to send photos to other users which can only be viewed if the receiver sends back another photo.

Based on the description of the app during its brief existence, there was an option to automatically reply with a photo when the received photo is opened. Basically this means that users will have to “trade” photos, making it less of a one-sided conversation. So when will the app launch? Well according to 9to5Mac’s sources, they have learnt that Facebook could be launching the app this week.

To be more specific, they expect that Facebook could launch Slingshot as soon as tomorrow, although their source does note that the app could be delayed if there are any last minute problems that Facebook has spotted ahead of its launch. Assuming that all goes well, we guess we will be able to look forward to the app tomorrow.

Like we said earlier, this is Facebook’s answer to Snapchat. The social networking giant had attempted to buy Snapchat for $3 billion but the offer was turned down. Facebook has attempted similar efforts in the past with the Poke app, which ultimately fizzled, so perhaps they mighth ave more lunch with Slingshot.

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