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Ever since Apple showed off iOS 8 at WWDC 2014 a few weeks back we have been keeping an eye on all the changes and improvements being made in subsequent beta releases. The first beta of iOS 8 was seeded immediately after the announcement. Up till now two betas have been seeded and if a new report is to be believed, the company might now be moving to a three week release cycle for upcoming betas. Apparently the iOS 8 beta 3 release isn’t going to take place until Tuesday, July 8th.

Initially Apple seeds new versions of beta firmware on two-week intervals. Though we have seen the company move to three-week intervals later on in the beta program as work progresses and the software continues to improve.

Look no further than the iOS 7 beta stage from last year. The second and third betas were released in two-week intervals but the fourth one took three weeks to arrive. We even saw this with iOS 6 nearly two years ago when Apple shifted to three-week intervals for the third and fourth iOS 6 betas.

This change of pace would seem to indicate that Apple is nearing completion of its next major iOS update. The public release is expected to take place over the fall, presumably around the time Apple is ready to unveil its new iPhones.

iOS 8 comes with countless new features, many of which are already up and running in the beta releases. Unfortunately beta software is only intended for registered developers so there’s really no legal option for the average joe and jane to try out the firmware prior to its public release.

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