A couple of days ago, iOS 9 was officially released and based on the initial adoption rate, it would seem that many users are quick to flock to Apple’s latest mobile operating system. That being said for those who are wondering how the latest iOS fares in terms of speed, then the video above might be worth watching.

The folks at Everything Apple Pro have put together a video that compares iOS 9 to the previous version of iOS which is iOS 8.4.1. Now given that different iPhones have different hardware, the video then goes ahead and compares the operating system across the iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, and the iPhone 4S.

Now according to the findings in the video, it would seem that in terms of starting time, iOS 9 is indeed faster compared to iOS 8.4.1. However the only outlier here is the iPhone 4S in which the model with iOS 9 took about 3 seconds slower to boot, suggesting that iOS 9 was designed and optimized for newer devices in mind.

However when it comes to launching apps, iOS 8.4.1 seems to be taking the lead. There appears to be a slight delay after touching an app in iOS 9. The difference in speed is noticeable on the iPhone 4S, but when we get to the iPhone 6, it becomes less obvious but at the same time when compared side-to-side, you can tell it is a bit slow.

What does this mean for users? If you’re used to the speed of iOS 8.4.1, then upgrading to iOS 9 might not be the best idea. There have been multiple complaints so far that iOS 9 is laggy even on the iPhone 6 despite Apple promising that it would be faster, and this video seems to prove some of that. Perhaps future builds will smoothen things out, but for now it doesn’t look too encouraging.

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