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WhatsApp Will Stop Working On Device Running iOS 8 In February 2020
If for whatever reason you are still holding onto an iOS device running iOS 8, then you might want to take note because according to WhatsApp, the company has confirmed that come 1st of February, 2020, the app will stop working for these devices, where you will need to update to iOS 9 or later if you wish to keep using it.

iOS 9 VS iOS 8.4.1 In Speed Test
A couple of days ago, iOS 9 was officially released and based on the initial adoption rate, it would seem that many users are quick to flock to Apple’s latest mobile operating system. That being said for those who are wondering how the latest iOS fares in terms of speed, then the video above might be worth watching.The folks at Everything Apple Pro have put together a video that compares […]

iOS 8 Adoption At 87% Ahead Of iOS 9’s Release
iOS 9 is expected to be released later today, but in the meantime for those curious as to how many users have adopted iOS 8 since its release, Apple’s latest figures has revealed that the operating system is sitting at 87%. This is a marginal 2% increase from last month where iOS 8 was at 85%.To provide some perspective, iOS 7 was sitting at 90% even before the iPhone 6 […]

85% Of iOS Devices Are Running On iOS 8
The last time we checked, iOS 8 was adopted on about 80% of iOS devices. Now according to the latest figures listed on Apple’s website, it looks like that number has since risen to 85% which is admittedly rather encouraging ahead of iOS 9’s release, which at the moment is speculated for September alongside the new iPhone announcement.According to the stats, iOS 7 is still installed on about 13% of […]


iOS 8.4 Already Installed On 37% Of Devices
It has been about close to two weeks since Apple released iOS 8.4. This is an update that many probably rushed to get their hands on simply because with the update, Apple has brought Apple Music to the table, a service that we’re sure many Apple users are eager to check out at the very least.So how is iOS 8.4 faring so far? As it turns out, it is doing […]

iOS 8.4 Reportedly Causing GPS Issues For Some Users
Whenever a software update is released, the skeptical part of me is just waiting to see what kind of bugs and issues that might be a result of said update. Well it looks like iOS 8.4 did not disappoint. According to a handful of user reports, it seems that the latest update to iOS has caused GPS issues for some users.The reports claim that once mobile devices were updated to […]

iOS 8.4 Puts An End To Home Sharing On iOS Devices
With the introduction of iOS 8.4, Apple launched Apple Music and with the iCloud Music Library, basically this syncs your music across your devices thus letting you stream your music library wherever you are. This is great if you’re the only one at home using the computer, but if you’re not and you rely on a central computer, iOS 8.4 might not be the update for you.It has been noted […]

iOS 8.4 Jailbreak Is Already Available For Download
It was just last week that we reported that Chinese jailbreaking team TaiG released their jailbreak for iOS 8.3. However given that iOS 8.4 was just released, does this mean that we have to wait a couple of weeks or months before the updated jailbreak is released? As it turns out we won’t.The group has recently announced that their iOS 8.4 jailbreak is now available. It turns out that Apple […]

TaiG Release Untethered Jailbreak For iOS 8.3
If you’re a fan of jailbreaking your devices because you love customizing your iOS devices, you might be pleased to learn that Chinese team TaiG has recently announced the availability of its iOS 8.3 jailbreak. This is an untethered jailbreak so if you aren’t a fan of tethered jailbreaks then this might be it for you.For those unfamiliar between the differences, a tethered jailbreak basically means that if you should […]

iOS 8.3 Beats Out iOS 9 Beta In Speed Test On The iPhone 4S
When iOS 8 was released last year, it was found that running it on older devices like the iPhone 4S proved to be a less than ideal experience. Now Apple did try to introduce some improvements which proved to be a bit better, but still not as fast as many would have liked, so the question is how will iOS 9 fare on the device?As it turns out, not so […]

iOS 9 Supports Continuity Phone Calls Over Cellular Connections
Apple introduced Continuity features with iOS 8 last year, basically it’s a set of features that allows iOS devices to work seamlessly between them and with Macs. Users could even receive text messages and phone calls on their Macs provided that the iPhone and the Mac were on the same Wi-Fi network. iOS 9 does away with this requirement as it’s capable of supporting Continuity phone calls over cellular connections.

iOS 8 Adoption Crosses the 80% Mark
iOS 8’s adoption right out of the door has been a bit slow. However it seems that as more users start to resign themselves to the fact that they’ll have to upgrade to get all the latest features, plus with more users getting the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, it was only natural for iOS 8’s adoption rate to climb.Well for those who are wondering how iOS 8 is doing […]

iOS 8.4 Beta Comes With Revamped Music App
So just last week Apple released iOS 8.3 to the masses but it looks like there are more versions of iOS 8 that Apple is working on ahead of iOS 9. According to developers, Apple has recently seeded the first iOS 8.4 beta to them and given Apple’s stance regarding beta testing for the public, you can actually go ahead and check it out for yourself via the iOS Developer […]

iOS 8.3 Will Let You Download Free Apps Without A Password
When purchasing an app on iTunes, you are required to enter your password to your Apple ID to verify who you are. This makes sense if you’re purchasing a paid app or making in-app purchases that will result in actual money being charged to you. However if you’re download a free app or a freemium app, does it really matter?For some users we suppose the security is important, but if […]