apple-maps-ios-7-navigationWhenever a software update is released, the skeptical part of me is just waiting to see what kind of bugs and issues that might be a result of said update. Well it looks like iOS 8.4 did not disappoint. According to a handful of user reports, it seems that the latest update to iOS has caused GPS issues for some users.

The reports claim that once mobile devices were updated to iOS 8.4, GPS failed on apps that relied on it, such as Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, and more. Given that many of these apps rely on having accurate GPS in order to guide the user around while driving or walking, safe to say that this is a pretty big deal.

Thankfully some users have since found a way to resolve it themselves. If you are experiencing some GPS connectivity issues on your iOS device post update, what you can do is first try to turn location services on and off. When you’ve turned it off, restart your phone, and when it’s back on, turn location services back on again.

Another way to try it is to reset your network settings on your phone. Some have reported success with this method. Now if all else fails, we suppose you have no choice but to factory reset your iOS device and hope that everything goes back to normal after that. Alternatively you could always wait for Apple to release a fix, assuming that you don’t plan on relying on GPS on your device anytime soon.

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