iPhone-6-review-6The last time we checked, iOS 8 was adopted on about 80% of iOS devices. Now according to the latest figures listed on Apple’s website, it looks like that number has since risen to 85% which is admittedly rather encouraging ahead of iOS 9’s release, which at the moment is speculated for September alongside the new iPhone announcement.

According to the stats, iOS 7 is still installed on about 13% of devices while older iOS builds are on 2% which is actually quite interesting. That being said while iOS 8 is pretty high in terms of adoption, the rate at which it is adopted is definitely nowhere near iOS 7. For example back in May of 2014, iOS 7 was already installed on 90% of iPhones and 85% on iPads.

Fast forward to today and we’re in August and iOS 8 has only just hit 85%. However to be fair iOS 8’s update wasn’t as massive or as big of a game changer compared to iOS 7 which pretty much overhauled the entire design of iOS, giving users a bigger and more exciting reason to update their devices.

iOS 9 does not carry the same huge UI changes, but there will be some new changes introduced that are pretty compelling, like an update to Siri’s UI and the new search/Spotlight tool, so we can’t wait to see how fast iOS 9 will be adopted right out of the gate.

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