ios 8 controlIf you thought that iOS 7’s inclusion of Control Center was a feature that was long overdue, you’d probably be right, but the good news is that Apple will be making some changes and improvements to it in iOS 8, at least according to a handful of screenshots snapped by a developer who had access to the internal build of iOS 8.

This is a feature that Apple did not mention when they announced iOS 8 at WWDC 2014, but for those wondering what it is, well it seems that Control Center in iOS 8 could be customizable. As it stands, Control Center offers a limited amount of features and shortcuts that users have access to. For the most part it is fine since these are features that we use, but what if you wanted to swap out one control in favor of something else?

Well as you can see in the screenshot above, iOS 8 will allow user to customize the features in Control Center. It is unclear if developers will be able to add their own apps to the shortcuts or toggles in Control Center, because for now it looks like the toggles and shortcuts seem to be limited to Apple’s apps.

Now we can verify the legitimacy of the screenshots, although Hamza Sood has leaked screenshots in the past that have proven to be true, so perhaps there might be some truth to his claims. Sood also goes on to state that Control Center could be scrollable as well, so if you wanted to add more toggles and shortcuts, it might be a possibility. In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but hopefully more evidence will surface that will support his claims.

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