jyrobikeI am quite sure that many of us did grow up with fond memories of learning how to cycle. Most of the time, there would be an adult figure behind, urging and supporting us as we slowly but surely wean ourselves off the training wheels of a bicycle. First, one of the training wheels will need to come off, before the other too, is removed, as we learn how to balance on just two wheels. It can be a knee-scraping experience for some, making us wish at times that the Jyrobike should have been in existence earlier.

Just what is the Jyrobike? It happens to be a Kickstarter project at the moment that would make it a whole lot easier to “teach” one in learning how to ride a bicycle. Basically, the principle works this way – a motor-driven flywheel is fitted within the Jyrobike’s front wheel, allowing even a slow moving Jyrobike to be just as stable as that of a fast one, thanks to the gyroscopic force within. As you improve on your riding skills, the bike’s amount of gyroscopic balance can be adjusted accordingly, ranging from 1,550 revolutions per minute to zilch.

According to the Jyrobike’s creators, kids who use it can learn how to ride sans training wheels within a single afternoon, now how about that? When the Jyrobike’s flywheel is no longer required, it can be removed, resulting in a weight reduction of up to 60%.

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