robot-giraffeI am not quite sure about you, but not any Tom, Dick and Harry are able to simply waltz onto the grounds of the White House without prior security clearance. How about robots, or in particular, a robotic giraffe? What you see above happens to be the creation of Lindsay Lawlor, who worked tirelessly on this 2,200 lb robotic giraffe that stands at a whopping 17 feet in height. At least this robotic giraffe has one main advantage over its biological inspiration – there are no droppings to clean up after it. Not only that, this robotic giraffe has also met up with U.S. President Barack Obama, something not every single citizen of this country has managed to do so far.

The giraffe has the ability to move, talk and light up, and happens to be just one of many exhibits at the White House’s inaugural Maker Faire. Maker Faire happens to be an event where the latest in technology and design will be paraded by their respective innovators, and other than the robotic giraffe, there were also other items such as a 3D-printed violin and a biodiesel car. The robot giraffe known as Russell, however, proved to be one of the more popular hits on the White House lawn.

Other than being a lovely spectacle, there does not seem to be a practical use for Russell at this point in time though.

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