tinderTinder, the dating app that is used by a number of single people who intend to find a life partner and ease the pain of loneliness, has just introduced a new feature that makes it resemble Snapchat somewhat. Throwing in a “Moments” feature, users of Tinder are now able to share photos with matches, and these photos will “self-destruct” or disappear in a matter of time – 24 hours, to be exact. I suppose this is one way of ensuring that folks act on a situation within a shortest time possible, lest the opportunity slips them by.

This new feature will see Tinder take the step to be more of a social sharing app, instead of carrying the baggage of this being a mere “hookup app”. Tinder founder and CEO Sean Rad shared, “We’ve done a really good job of helping people form new relationships, so good in fact that we just reached 2 billion matches this week, but making the connection is just the start. We wanted to give our users a better way to get to know their matches and communicate with them. And that’s what led to Moments.”

For instance, you can select the camera icon at the top of your “Matches” tab in order to snap a photo that will then be sent out to all potential suitors – albeit it will remain in existence for just 24 hours. Of course, there is also the possibility of users reporting and blocking inappropriate photos.

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