Tinder, like quite a number of other dating apps, has premium features that users can unlock by paying a monthly subscription. However, for whatever reason, Tinder actually varies the cost of the subscription based on the user’s age, so users who are older are charged more to access the same features as someone who is younger.

If you thought that felt unfair, the good news is that Tinder has decided to reverse course. According to the company, they say that they will no longer charge older users more to use its premium features. “Last year we discontinued offering lower prices for younger members in the US, Australia, and more recently in the UK. We recently announced that we will be eliminating age based pricing for all of our members in all markets by the end of Q2 this year.”

The company defended its initial pricing decision by saying that when they first launched their subscription service, they wanted to make it cheaper and more accessible for its younger users who might still be in school or early in their careers. The company also reiterates that other factors such as sexual orientation, gender, race, or religion were never a factor that influenced pricing.

So far, Tinder has scrapped this pricing plan for the US, Australia, and the UK, and is expected to apply that to the rest of the markets they operate in by the end of Q2 this year.

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