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Tinder Bring Its Catfishing Detection To More Markets
It is incredibly easy to catfish someone using online dating apps. This is because all you need is to take a photo belonging to someone else and you’re all set. This has created all kinds of problems, especially for platforms such as Tinder where if users start to lose their trust, they will stop using the app.

Tinder To Launch In-App Video Chats Later This Year
The early days of social media were pretty much its glory days, where it was relatively new and people who joined it were pretty much who they said they were. These days, it’s not uncommon to receive spam messages from bot and fake accounts, and this is a problem that has similarly plagued the likes of dating apps like Tinder.

Tinder Adds A Panic Button Along With The Ability To Verify Your Profile
Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps available for smartphones.While it’s fun for some but meeting strangers may not be a good idea all the time.So, Tinder has added some essential safety features that will come in handy if things go south on a date.To start with, you will now have a panic button for an emergency which will alert the safety authorities when something goes wrong.In addition […]

Tinder To Warn Users When They're In Countries Where LGBTQ Relationships Are Illegal
Tinder will be rolling out an update later this week which will provide warnings to its LGBTQ users when they’re traveling in a country where such relationships are punishable by law. Tinder’s “Traveler Alert” feature will hide those users’ profiles automatically when they’re in countries that prohibit same-sex relationships.


Tinder Wants To Avoid Paying Google's 30% Cut On Subscriptions As Well
If you’re distributing an app through the Google Play Store that has in-app purchases, best believe that Google will take a cut out of your earnings. The software giant keeps 30 percent of all in-app transactions conducted through the Play Store. However, some companies have been trying to work around it and Match Group, Tinder’s parent company, is one of them.

Tinder Lite To Facilitate Users In Emerging Markets
Many online services have launched “Lite” versions of their apps in order to cater to users in emerging markets. The majority of users in such markets don’t have high-end phones and access to mobile data comes at a premium as well. These apps are capable of running on low-end devices while being less data hungry. Tinder will now be launching such an app for its service.

Tinder Testing The Sharing Of Spotify Clips In Chat
Dating apps have modernized the way of dating, whereas in the past you usually would need to talk to someone to find out more about them, such as shared interests, and so on. However with dating apps, a lot of that information is readily available at a glance, where users can lists their likes, dislikes, hobbies, and so on.

Tinder Swipe Surge Lets You Know The Optimal Time To Use The App
You can use Tinder anytime and anywhere, although just like restaurants and bars and clubs, there is a peak time when the most people might be using it at once. For example during the middle of the week in the afternoon, chances are there might be less people swiping through the app compared to a Friday night when people might be looking for a date.

Tinder Educating Young Voters Through 'Swipe The Vote' Campaign
Tinder has a massive young adult user base with more than half accounted for by the 18 to 24 demographic. It’s putting that reach to good use by teaming up with the nonprofit Rock the Vote for the second time. The idea here is to educate young voters through a campaign called “Swipe the Vote.” It aims to mobilize younger voters in the upcoming U.S. midterm elections.

Tinder To Test Extra Controls For Women Using Its App
One of the ways Tinder changed online dating was that before that, most dating websites allowed users to message each other. This meant that even if you weren’t interested in the other person, they could still talk to you. Tinder changed that by only allowing users who match with each other to message each other.

Tinder U Is A Matchmaking Service For College Students
Tinder has announced the launch of a new matchmaking service called Tinder U today. It’s meant for students attending a four-year college or university. Since Tinder’s core feature is to help you find people you would like to date, it’s no surprise that Tinder U is essentially a dating service as well. However, it can also be used to make new friends and perhaps even find a study partner.

Tinder Loops Now Let Users Upload Video Profiles
They say that a picture tells a thousand words, but what if a thousand words isn’t enough? For those of you who are using Tinder and think that maybe your profile photos aren’t enough to get the attention of others, you’ll be pleased to learn that Tinder has rolled out a new feature called Loops.

Tinder’s User Photos Are Now Encrypted
Earlier this year a security researcher discovered a flaw in Tinder in which user photos and swipe data was exposed, and could also potentially be intercepted if they are connected on the same network as the person using the app. The good news for Tinder users who might have been concerned by this security snafu is that it looks like it has been patched.

Tinder Introducing New ‘Picks’ Feature
One of the problems with Tinder is that there can sometimes be too many people, meaning that you could end up spending a lot of time swiping on people that may or may not interest you. However Tinder is hoping to apply a bit of smartness when it comes to trying to match people with each other, and has since launched a new feature called “Picks”.