touchid-scan-fingerprint2-20130910The way we all use our phones differs from user to user. For example some of us like to constantly kill off all running apps every hour, some of us like to keep Bluetooth enabled, and the way we type things and send messages will also differ from user to user. Well thanks to a recently published patent from Apple, it seems that they are exploring the idea of using a user’s behavior to enhance the device’s security.

Like we said earlier, different users use their phones differently, and based on that, Apple’s patent describes a system in which the phone will be able to detect when someone else who is not the owner is using the device. From there, the phone will either prompt the user to enter a password to identify themselves, or request for a Touch ID scan to ensure it is the owner using their phone.

The phone will also be able to send a notification to a third-party service who will then be able to alert the original owner that their phone might have been compromised. This can come in handy in the event that a phone is stolen and the user has not bothered with a security code or enabled Touch ID.

It can also alert users to possible spying on their device, such as when they leave their phones unattended and someone else is snooping around their handset for possible sensitive information for work or personal reasons. Apple has made great strides in protecting their devices through features such as Touch ID and Activation Lock, with the latter feature being praised by the government and has also led to a decrease in iPhone theft.

There’s no way of telling if and when Apple plans on implementing this feature into future iOS devices, but what do you guys think? Will it be good enough to deter thieves and busy bodies from snooping around on your device?

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