When the OnePlus One was announced, they revealed that the handset would get gaining Moto X customizability in the sense that they would get interchangeable back covers. One of the choices was revealed to be bamboo and the good news is that OnePlus has since announced that customers will now be able to choose the bamboo back cover from the OnePlus Store, although the cover will be shipping at the end of August.

Unfortunately the bamboo back cover does not come cheap as customers will have to fork out an extra $49 to get their hands on it, but at the same time it is admittedly pretty unique as far as smartphones are concerned, so it could be worth the extra money that you’d have to pay for it. As for the other covers, like the Silk White and Sandstone Black version,s they will be priced cheaper at $29.

The covers will be sold separately from the phone itself, so unlike the Moto X where you can customize everything before it is shipped to you, customers will have to purchase it together with their phone or purchase it separately in the event that they have bought the handset already.

We should point out that bamboo is only one of the choices that OnePlus has made available so far. The company had previously revealed that there will be denim, different types of wood, and even Kevlar to choose from, but we expect that those will most likely be made available at a later date.

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